In addition to my job at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), I also own a small business. Like many small business owners, I am constantly learning new things, mostly through trial, error and lot of support from my business partner and husband, DSCN2340Kevin. Also, like many small business owners with a desire to make it on my own, I worry about the impact of the decisions of our state legislature on the financial future of our family.

In South Carolina, 97% of private employers are small business owners who employ almost half of the work force, but less than 2% of the SC Department of Commerce’s budget goes to supporting small business. Large companies employ many and their contribution to South Carolina should not be taken lightly. However, I want to increase support for the small business owner, who is typically a long term resident of South Carolina, with deep roots in the community.

When elected, I will fully support my neighbors’ passion and drive.

A vibrant economy also requires an educated workforce. When children graduate from high school without reading comprehension, mathematics and critical thinking skills, their ability to find a job making a living wage is immediately limited. We currently spend five times more on incarcerating someone than we do on their K-12 education, but only one out of three prisoners have graduated from high school.

If we do not have well-educated children, we cannot build a strong economy. No business wants to move their company to a state that can’t supply them with the skilled workers they need, and no employee wants to move to a state with the worst educational system in the country. Our economy will improve at unprecedented rates if we strive for an excellent educational system.